Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Title Petitioner File Name Date of Hearing
Petition No. 77/2022: Petition for approval of long-term procurement of power by Electricity Department, Government of Goa from SECI for 150 MW RE-Hybrid (Wind, Solar & BESS) Power Project. Electricity Department, Goa 77 77 (Size: 0.06MB )
Thursday, June 2, 2022
Order Petition No.76/2022: Petition under Section 86(1) (b) and 86 (1) (e) of the Electricity Act, 2003 for approval for Long Term Procurement of Power by Govt. of Goa of cumulative capacity of 110 MW Grid Interactive Solar PV Power Projects, along with replacement of 11,000 Conventional Agricultural Pumps by Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps and distribution of 16 Lakh Led Bulbs. Department of New & Renewable Energy (DNRE), order 76 order 76 (Size: 0.06MB )
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
INTERIM ORDER Petition No. 58/2021: Petition for approval of business model framework for installation of Grid Connected Rooftop (GCRT) Power Projects for domestic consumers by third party under Renewable Energy Services Company (RESCO) Built Operate Transfer (BOT) business model as per the provisions of Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the State of Goa and Union Territories (Solar PV Grid Interactive System based on Net Metering) Regulations, 2019, Para 5(iii). CREST 58ORDER 58ORDER (Size: 0.06MB )
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Petition No. 72/2021: Petition for approval of long-term procurement of power by Electricity Department, Government of Goa for 50 MW Wind Power under ISTS Wind Tranche VI Electricity Department, Government of Goa, Vidyut Bhavan, Panaji, Goa P No 72 -numbered 11052022.pdf P No 72 -numbered 11052022 (Size: 0.29MB )
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Petition No. 73/2021:Petition on behalf of the Petitioner under Section 86(1)(f) read with Sections 142 and 146 of the Electricity Act, 2003, for issuance of appropriate directions in terms thereof, against, the Puducherry Electricity Department (“EDP”) for deliberate contravention of the directions passed by this Hon’ble Commission vide its Order dated 21.09.2020 in Petition No. 26 of 2019 M/s. Waaree PV Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Waaree Order Waaree Order (Size: 0.21MB )
Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Petition No. 59/2021:Seeking the approval of the Commission for purchase of 100 MW Solar Power from ISTS Connected Power Projects through M/s NTPC Ltd. and to adopt the tariff as determined through competitive bidding process. Electricity Department Puducherry NTPC Order certified NTPC Order certified (Size: 0.20MB )
Thursday, February 24, 2022
Order Petition No. 55/2021:Petition for the Commission’s approval of the Power Purchase Agreement for hiring DG Sets to provide power on round the clock basis to 4 isolated locations i.e., Smith Island, Ganesh Nagar, Shanti Nagar and Gandhi Nagar from M/s Express Engineers and Spares Private Ltd., New Delhi Electricity Department, Andaman 55-2021 55-2021 (Size: 0.31MB )
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Order Petition No. 56/2021:Petition for approval of Power Purchase Agreement for Purchase of Power through containerized DG Sets to Deliver 400 kW Electric Power round the clock to the existing LT Network Feeder of Electricity Department at Shaheed Dweep Electricity Department, Andaman 56-2021 Final 56-2021 Final (Size: 0.36MB )
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
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